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About the leather

Salva is renowned for its leather furniture design. Leather has always been our passion and our specialty.

We are part of the Minuano Group, a family group that has been working for 48 years in the tanning of bovine hides with the most advanced technologies and in-depth knowledge of each part of the process. It is in our essence the appreciation for such an authentic, natural material and with an appeal that transcends time.

Each piece of leather is unique

In addition to bringing refinement and elegance to the decor, leather exudes exclusivity and turns any piece of furniture into something exceptional.

We work with better quality leather and are known for their traceability and the variety of colors and finishes that we have available for designers and architects to apply to their products.

Leather is one of the most noble coatings existing in nature. Because it is a natural and organic material, it is biodegradable. Salva cares about all parts of the process, and closes the cycle by sending all the leather scraps used in production to a company recognized worldwide for transforming leather into organic fertilizers.

frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to moisturize leather?
It is not necessary to moisturize leather. Salva utilizes tanning products on each skin that provide that humidifying necessity and maintains its natural look for a long time.
How can I clean the leather?
One of the main benefits of leather is its practicality. For cleaning and maintenance of your sofa, we indicate only clean cloth humidified by water. Do not utilize abrasive products and/or solvents, for these products tend to harm the leather and cause irreparable damage to your sofa. In case you need a heavier cleaning, utilize only neutral soap and a humidified clean cloth.